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SoCal residents got a thrill when some pretty amazing views and wild waves as a result of Hurricane Marie rolled in.

As crowds poured onto the beach to see the massive swells – some as large as 25 feet – lifeguards worked hard to keep everyone safe, bulldozers built sand berms and a buzz was in the air.

While the waves caused collective gasps and cheers from the crowd as surfers rode the monsters, lifeguards were vigilantly standing guard. In one day alone, Los Angeles County lifeguards reported making 115 ocean rescues.

California waves

Hurricane Marie creates wild waves in California.


Malibu brought out the pros! Pro surfer Laird Hamilton not only put on a show, he also helped pull a struggling swimmer from the ocean.

The Wedge in Newport Beach drew massive crowds, causing major traffic jams which frustrated the locals.

If you didn’t experience it, it’s hard to imagine why all the fuss about some waves? It was really something though. Veteran surfers said the waves were the biggest they had seen in 20 years.

Seal Beach experienced flooding and so did Long Beach.

Catalina Express actually temporarily halted its trip between Long Beach and Avalon because of the surging swells.

We’ve now learned that the middle seawall that protects the Port of Long Beach was damaged and it’s going to cost $20 million to repair. Reports indicate that the breakwater suffered 1,550 feet of major damage, 850 feet of significant damage and 1,725 feet of moderate damage.

California waves Hurricane Waves

California waves from Hurricane Marie.


Idyllic SoCal summer days were roaring with excitement as tourists and locals enjoyed Mother Nature’s show. Share your stories and pictures in the comments section below!