Downtown Long Beach, California - Rainbow HarborThe Downtown Long Beach area has many choices in styles of living.   Historic Loft properties, modern condominium complexes, turn of the century craftsmen homes and toes-in-the-sand beachfronts, they are all here!

Much money and development has gone into Downtown, making it an exciting, vibrant and safe place to live.  It is a great urban experience on the water, which offers so much within walking distance; museums, bars, beaches, restaurants, shopping, transportation and so much more. All within footsteps. One of the few places in SoCal that you can buy into a building either directly on the sand or with a view and not skyrocket your budget.

The restaurants, bars and shops will ensure you will never be bored.  The surrounding parks, ocean area and waterfront at the Pike will allow you to enjoy the beauty of SoCal at it’s finest.

Transportation is a breeze downtown. Access to the Metro Blue Line, the free Passport bus, the Aqualink water taxi, and many parking structures, if you prefer to take your own ride. There is also a vast array of bike lanes available in the downtown area if you prefer to pedal to your destination. The City of Long Beach was recognized for being a Bike Friendly city, and has invested over $20 million dollars to make this happen.


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