Belmont_ShoreBelmont Shore is beach side community, full of charm, shops, great food and spirits and beautiful homes – full of character and comfort.

2nd Street and its 15 intersecting side streets make up the business district, where you will find over 250 businesses – unique boutiques gift shops, national retail stores, specialty shops and more.

The streets are active with kids in strollers, bikes, people strolling and window shopping.

The dining choices are endless, from crepes to homemade sweets and middle eastern food, to sports bars, mexican and more.

The business district also offers beauty salons; barber shops, health & wellness spas and an athletic club.

Belmont Shore offer beach access and is nestled in with water surrounding it.

Perfect for someone looking for something unique, special and for someone who loves living life in the charming, small town, yet still exciting area known affectionately as The Shore.belmont-sign


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