Solar Panels on New Homes in California

22 May No Comments Hayward Uncategorized

The provided the following information on California’s new solar panel regulations. Solar panels will allow for a cut in energy costs but will also increase the price of new

LB Breakwater

15 May No Comments Hayward Uncategorized supplied this useful information about the Long Beach Breakwater. What’s your stance? Take the breakwater down for some epic waves or keep it up so we don’t have added

Long Beach Rent Control

11 May No Comments Hayward Uncategorized

Here is the proposed ordinance for rent control in Long Beach. Stay up to date with the newest information so that we can make the best decision for our city!

Emergency Preparedness Essentials

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Emergency situations such as fire, extreme weather and power outages can happen without warning. By taking the time to prepare for a possible disaster now, you and your family will be equipped

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